Plate beveling machine


Range w.t. 6-60 mm (1/4” – 2 3⁄8”)


Plate beveling machine BASIC EDGE 50

Range w.t. 6-60 mm (1/4” – 2 3⁄8”)

The plate beveling machine BASIC EDGE 50 is a versatile machine conceived to be employed in big sized industrial realities where the productivity is the key factor but at the same time it can easily be employed in smaller sce-narios like workshops

The BASIC EDGE 50 can lock plates from 6 to 60 mm and can reach a maximum diagonal of 50 mm. The machine was designed to satisfy the requirements of the small production realities that can easily accept to work with less technological features but still buying a high productivity machine.

The machine is equipped with a stepless variable head type which allows bevel angles from 10° to 70°, granting a very easy and quick adjustment of the angle of bevel.

The plate beveling machine BASIC EDGE 50 is equipped with a plate detecting sensor and trolley with a new chips conveyance system. It is also equipped with amortization system which allows to overcome eventual imperfections of the plate or of the ground.

BASIC EDGE 50 can bevel any material with smooth surface finishing, groove free. The feeding system with adjustable speed allows the unit to be used without the help of cranes, lifting devices or operators.


Plates from 6 to 60 mm thickness (1/4” to 2 3/8”).

Bevel from 10° to 70°.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, aluminium, etc.

Electric 3 phase 400V 50Hz.

Milling head speed regulator.

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BASIC EDGE 50 – Pictures

Basic Edge 50 Plate Beveling Machine
Basic Edge 50 Plate Beveling Machine
Basic Edge 50 Plate Beveling Machine
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Among high-speed metal plate bevellers, it is positioned in the most sober range thanks to its construction simplicity. The Basic Edge 50 metal beveller works with a bevel angle from 10° to 70° which makes it ideal for use in the workshop, heavy carpentry, for the creation of sheet metal structures and bridges.

Designed for intensive use, this metal plate beveler can also be used for smaller-scale work thanks to its versatility in terms of weight, size and maneuverability.
The Basic Edge 50 metal plate beveller allows the bevelling of the sheet metal and the creation of shorter strips as it has a reduced center distance.
This plate metal beveling machine is also equipped with a control panel that allows you to adjust the feed speed, to the greater advantage of the bevel finish and flexibility of use.

The possibility of complete management of the speed of the metal plate beveler guarantees an economic advantage in the durability of the tools, increasing their useful life. Furthermore, with the optional cutter speed regulator, the rpm can be reduced. of the cutter for an optimal result on all types of materials.

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