Portable pipe beveling machine


Range Øi 20-42 mm (0,78″-1,65″)


Portable pipe beveling machine MINI K

Range Øi 20-42 mm (0,78″-1,65″)

The pipe beveling machine Mini K is a lightweight and powerful pipe beveling machine with reduced dimensions (60 mm) conceived for jobs on small boiler tubes, exchangers and small pipes having internal diameter from 20 to 42 mm (0,78″-1,65″).

The pipe beveling machine Mini K is available in pneumatic version, electric version or battery version. The pneumatic version allow to install, as optional, also the pneumatic autolocking device that permit to simplify and speedup the operations during repetitive jobs.

The machine can be also equipped with optional reduced shafts up to 12,4 mm of Internal Diameter.


Pipe beveling machine for pipes 20 – 42 mm ø ID (optional up to 12,4 mm).

Bevel of pipes up to 42 mm ID.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, others

Pneumatic, electric or battery.

With 4 seats for tools.

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Mini K – Pictures

Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
Mini K
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The Mini K is a pipe beveling machine that offers a broad spectrum of use and has been designed to work on metals, carbon steel, alloy steel and ferrous alloys.

The Mini K is a compact, light and fast pipe beveler, specifically designed for preparing the pipe for welding with interventions to be carried out in the workshop or on-site, on existing and even deteriorated systems.
It is equipped with a 4 tool seat chuck, to be able to carry out multiple processes simultaneously, and a compact and robust tube milling machine body. This pipe chamfering machine is particularly useful for working in the boilermaking sector, heat exchangers and in systems designed for the transport of fluids.

Thanks to its small size, it can also be used in confined spaces.
The working range of the standard version machine covers from 20 to 42 mm. I.D., but it is possible to reduce the minimum workable diameter up to 12.5 mm. D.I., thanks to the use of reduced shafts (optional).
Furthermore, it can be equipped with a elbow shaft which allows to bevel elbows and T-joints in situations where the usable space for blocking the machine inside the pipe is very limited.

The pipe beveler is available in three different, easily interchangeable power modes: pneumatic, electric or battery operated. This allows it to be used even in places that would otherwise be difficult to access.
In the pneumatic version it can be equipped with automatic pneumatic locking capable of simplifying and speeding up machine setting operations and processing, particularly if repetitive.

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