Pipe cold cutting machine


Range Øe 153 – 1545 mm (6”–60”)


Pipe cold cutting machine with self-centring device FAST

Range Øe 153 – 1545 mm (6”–60”)

The pipe cold cutting machine FAST is the result of an intensive R&D and advanced design. It is built with the latest generation top quality components and encapsluates our company values in the constant pursuit of innovative design and development.

This machine is suitable for cutting and beveling pipe edges and ideal for pipeline servicing solutions.

The FAST is a split frame unit, therefore it can be literally split in two halves allowing the user to place it anywhere along the pipeline and subsequently reposition it with extreme ease.

The paramout feature of this pipe cold cutting machine is the innovative self-centering locking device that allows the machine to be perfectly squared and centered on the pipe, reducing the setup time and ensuring the maximum stability thanks to excellent solidity of the gripping pads.

The toolholders with copier system can follow the pipe OD profile to compensate the bevel offset on out of round pipes and are quipped with automatic feeding system.


Pipe cold cutting 6” – 60” o/d.

pipe cold cutting, beveling, facing, counterboring.

carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, others.

Pneumatic, electric (up to 42″), hydraulic.

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FAST – Pictures

Fast Pipe cold cutting machine
Fast with self-centring device
Fast Pipe cold cutting machine
Fast Pipe cold cutting machine
Fast Pipe cold cutting machine
Fast Pipe cold cutting machine

FAST – Video

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The Fast cold pipe cutting machine boasts a wide range of tools that can be used for cutting and beveling (standard and combined), for all types of materials and can be custom-designed according to customer specifications.

The machine is equipped with an angular motor transmission to reduce overall dimensions and allow it to operate in small spaces.

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