Reciprocating saw-|GBC 2700-|Range Øe 25-533,4 mm (1″-21″)

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Reciprocating saw

GBC 2700

Range Øe 25-533,4 mm (1″-21″)

The reciprocating saw GBC2700  is handy and versatile and can cut pipes from 1″ to 21″.

Machine body is in metal with the upper handle in ABS for an easy handling.

By using a specific optional kit and the suitable blade, the reciprocating saw GBC2700 can cut pipes up to 30″.

HSS blades with specific teeth for alternate cut are interchangeable and available in different lenghts according to the diameters to work.

The chain locking system, for an easy installation, is available in two sizes according to the diameters of the pipes to work and the maximum angle achievable with the reciprocating saw GBC2700 is 45°.

1” to 21”

Cutting up to 45° inclination

Carbons steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, others.

Pneumatic, electric



pipe saw GBC2700

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