Pipe flame cutting machine GB Cut-|GB CUT-|Range Øe 101,6 – 2032 mm (4″ – 80″)

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Pipe flame cutting machine GB Cut


Range Øe 101,6 – 2032 mm (4″ – 80″)

The pipe flame cutting machine GB CUT can perform cut & bevel of pipes range from 4” to 80” diameter.

The cutting and/or bevelling is carried out by a cutting torch (acetylene/propane torch upon request) mounted on its specific torch holder. The holder is equipped with scaled junctionin order to allow a perfect positioning of the torch on the cutting start point.

The resulting cut and bevel are therefore straight and precise all around the pipe thanks to a locking system composed of a double link chain and four adjustable wheels with different setting according to the pipe diameter to be machined. The chain is also used to feed the GB CUT rotation around the pipe.

Pipe flame cutting machine GB CUT is available in two versions, manual rotation by hand crank or – alternatively – low tension electric motorized rotation with remote control (the motorization kit can be supplied and mounted on the machine even later on as an optional).

4” – 80″ outer diameter

Three Positions (FOR O.D. 4”-16”/16”–32”/32”–80”)

Three axis

Manual or low tension Motorized kit with remote Control.

(for motorized kit version)
220 volt (different voltage upon request)
Voltage in the motor: 24 volt



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