Portable pipe beveling machine


Range Øi 49-207 mm (1,92″-8,14″)


Portable pipe beveling machine SUPERBOILER T5

Range Øi 49-207 mm (1,92″-8,14″)

The Superboiler T5 pipe beveler is an indispensable machine for those who have to process a wide range of pipes even in harsh conditions.

The power of the machine allows you to obtain accurate bevels even on the most important thicknesses.

Pipe beveling machine Superboiler T5 is available in pneumatic or electric version.

To simplify the locking and unlocking operations of the Superboiler T5 during the most repetitive operations, it is available a pneumatic autolocking device (only for the machine in pneumatic version).

The machine can be equipped with optional elbow locking shafts for elbows from 46 to 207 mm ØI.

Furthermore, installing the related optional kit, the Superboiler T5 can be transformed to work also the flanges (Superboiler T5 Flange).


Pipe beveling machine 49 – 207 mm ø ID.

Bevelling, facing, counterboring.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, others.

Pneumatic or electric.

With 4 seats for tools.

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Superboiler T5 – Pictures

Superboiler T5 Pneumatic
Superboiler T5 Electric
Superboiler T5
Superboiler T5

Superboiler T5 – Video

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The Superboiler T5 is a pipe cutter particularly useful in the Oil & Gas sector.

It derives directly from the Boiler K beveling machine but is equipped with superior processing ranges.

The T5 pipe cutter is suitable for thick pipes thanks to the torque of the spindle and the more powerful motorization, which makes it useful in high-volume heavy-duty chamfering applications, on the construction site or in the workshop.

It can be equipped with automatic locking and works well on elbows, it has a chuck with 4 tool seats and a compact and robust machine body.

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