Portable pipe beveling machine-|SUPERBOILER T5-|Range Øi 49-203 mm (1,92″-7,99″)

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Portable pipe beveling machine


Range Øi 49-203 mm (1,92″-7,99″)

This pipe bevelling machine Superboiler T5 is a powerful model with wide range able to produce accurate weld preps on any schedule and material of pipe.

Pipe beveling machine Superboiler T5 is available in pneumatic or electric version.

To simplify the locking and unlocking operations of the Superboiler T5 during the most repetitive operations, it is available a pneumatic autolocking device (only for the machine in pneumatic version).

The machine can be equipped with optional elbow locking shafts for elbows from 46 to 207 mm ØI.

Furthermore, installing the related optional kit, the Superboiler T5 can be transformed to work also the flanges (Superboiler T5 Flange)


Pipe beveling machine 49 – 207 mm ø ID

Bevelling, facing, counterboring.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel, others

Pneumatic or electric



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